Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wherever You Go, Here You Are


Christian Apocrypha and Early Christian Literature
Patristic Polemical Works Against the Gnostics
The Ecole Initiative: Index Page
SuperDrive Firmware Upgrade
WGN Radio 720
A.J. Cronin
Reformed Identity by S. Felch
MLA Style Sheet - Winter 2006
GEO: 2003-2006 Contract
Briar Press | Museum
Institut d'Histoire du Livre
Wright Convo Speech
Cornell Legal Information Institute
Sprint PCS Info: T608
Digital History | Owning the Past?
1920's BlueTooth Handset
DIY handset
Student Technology Training
Remote Access to UIUCLIBRARY
I. Wallerstein Commentaries
ebr12 --<kirschenbaum
Webster U Film Series calendar


ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Characters List
HTML Text Formatting List
A List Apart: Articles: Practical CSS
W3C: Objects in HTML
i18n: HTML Character Set Issues
CSS Selectors: Attribute Selectors Silk Icons
Redesigns by Ross
CSS Hacks and IE7
Tan: CSS Hub
On having layout
Digital Preservation
WorldCat item links
Alpha-3 codes arranged by English name of Language - Codes for the representation of names of languages
Ascii Rose
Web Page Development: Best Practices
w3c: XMLHttpRequest Object
Apache Web Serving With Mac OS X
About | Web Python Tutorial


ppk: W3C DOM tables
The JavaScript Diaries
Particletree ÔøΩ Lightbox Gone Wild!
Enhancing Structural Markup with JS
Forms, usability, and the W3C DOM
ppk: Intro to Events
Unobtrusive show/hide behavior reloaded
Particletree ÔøΩ Unobtrusive Javascript Validation
ppk: Events
AJAX:Getting Started - MDC
Ajax and XMLHttpRequest
Prototype JavaScript framework: Easy Ajax and DOM manipulation for dynamic web applications - web 2.0 javascript


TEI Lite Tutorial
Bare Bones TEI: TEI-Lite-Lite
Michigan2 Document
MI Vendor DTD
TEI Overview
TEI in Libraries
eXtensible Text Framework: XTF
EEBO Text Conversion Project
What Do You Do with a Million Books?
Companion to Digital Humanities
TEXT Technology the journal of computer text processing Intro to Native XML Databases
Hebrews in Freer ms (TEI trans.)
The Faerie Queene
Markup Systems and the Future of Scholarly Text Processing
Markup Overlap: A Review and a Horse
WWP: e-textual editing biblio
XSLT Templates
the XML & XSLT resources


LaTeX on Mac OS X FAQ
MacTeX - TeX Users Group
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
OS X keyboard shortcuts
UNIX Tips: Mac OS X
Emacs and Tabs
Emacs and nXML
Configuring Your OS X Unix Environment
NeXT/OpenStep Emacs
Hands-off editing with sed, Part 1
What is Mac OS X?
Introduction to Procmail
IBM developerWorks > XML stuff
Charming Python: Developing a full-text indexer in Python
Bash by example, Part 1
XPath tutorial